What's your favorite outfit to wear when you’re feeling flirty and want to look your best? Yeayyy for Christmas! Only 31 days left to get those presents. But you can also win some AWESOME gifts from TodaysMama and GameStop!<br/> <br/> Mama’s Holiday Wish List Meme<br/> <br/> TodaysMama (link to: <a href="http://bit.ly/tmwishlist">http://bit.ly/tmwishlist</a> ) and GameStop (link to: <a href="http://bit.ly/gamestop10">http://bit.ly/gamestop10</a> ) are giving away a sleighful of gifts this holiday season and to enter I’m sharing this meme with you.<br/> <br/> 1. What is your holiday wish for your family?<br/> To slow down and enjoy the simple moments with eachother.<br/> <br/> 2. What is your Christmas morning tradition?<br/> Opening presents-duh! We always have the extended family over but the rule is you have to wear your PJ&#39;s. And we always have a HOneybaked ham, sweet potatoes, potato salad, baked beans and applesauce!<br/> <br/> 3. If you could ask Santa for one, completely decadent wish for yourself, what would it be?<br/> A new bigger house!<br/> <br/> 4. How do you make the holidays special without spending any money?<br/> We love watching holiday movies with the kids- Elf and Christmas Vacation are two of our favorites.<br/> <br/> 5. What games did you play with your family growing up?<br/> Monopoly of course! And i still love playing Sorry with my kids :)<br/> <br/> 6. What holiday tradition have you carried on from your own childhood?<br/> We always open ONE present on christmas Eve after Midnight Mass.<br/> <br/> 7. Where would you go for a Christmas-away-from-home trip?<br/> DISNEYLAND!!!!!<br/> <br/> 8. Check out GameStop (link to: <a href="http://bit.ly/gamestop10">http://bit.ly/gamestop10</a> ) and tell us, what are the three top items on your GameStop Wish List this year?<br/>